Pythagorean theorem in c#

On remembering great Pythagoras, I have made a C# program that calculates Hypotenuse on basis of right angle triangle arms 

you can compile it on Online compilers for C#

i would recommend copying code from my GitHub Repo

using System;

namespace Pythagorean_theorem_Solver_In_C_sharp
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
//Pythagorean theorem in C#
Console.Title = "Pythagorean theorem By Apurva Singh";
Console.WriteLine("This Project's Source Code Is Also Available On My Website");
Console.WriteLine("Pythagorean theorem refers to Side A Squared + Side B Squared = Hypotenuse Squared ");
Console.WriteLine("Note: Please Enter Single Units Only. Decimal Numbers and words Are Currently Isn't Allowed. Thanks ");
Console.WriteLine("Please Enter Side A");
string SideAasString = Console.ReadLine();
int SideA = Int32.Parse(SideAasString);
Console.WriteLine("Successfully Entered the value of Side A. You Have Entered " + SideA);
Console.WriteLine("Please Enter Side B");
string SideBasString = Console.ReadLine();
int SideB = Int32.Parse(SideBasString);
Console.WriteLine("Successfully Entered the value of Side B. You Have Entered " + SideB);
int SideASQ = SideA * SideA;
int SideBSQ = SideB * SideB;
Console.WriteLine("Hypotenuse Is");
int Final = SideASQ + SideBSQ;
Console.WriteLine(" Units");
Console.WriteLine("Thanks For Using");